April 4, 2016 - TRG

Drawing of rat tail with counting system © The Rat Gazette - Photo: Arjan Schuitman

When rats are used for research the number of used rats is carefully recorded. Each rat has a unique number and results are recorded individually. This note on the wall of a research facility was used to remember the staff about the numbering system.

Counting markings on rat tail © The Rat Gazette - Photo: Arjan Schuitman

Albino rats are commonly used as research rats. The white fur makes it easy to code the rats with colors of paint or markers. Rats used for research are specially bred in controlled conditions to avoid any contamination and variation in research results. Rat breeds can be ordered genetically modified or pre-conditioned to fit the research purpose. The price for a research rat starts from 20 Euro and can go up to 65 Euro. A mother with litter can cost up to 200 Euro. The amount of rats used for research can varry depending on the program. More than 110.000 rats were used for research in the Netherlands in the year 2013.

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