January 22, 2018
Landscape: Sign of rats

It's not necessary to actually see rats running around to know they are inhabiting the area. In the area of the Vietnamese town of Canh Nau the signs are obvious. I's a matter to know what to look for.

Rice field surrounded with plastic to keep out rats © The Rat Gazette - Photo: Arjan Schuitman

Plastic is put around rice fields in an attempt to keep the rats out.

Heaps of soil with entrances to rat dens © The Rat Gazette - Photo: Arjan Schuitman

Small heaps inside the fields used for memorial, shrine, tomb to honor the deceased, or are used as dump sides for green waste often house rats. The entrances of the rat dens can easily spotted.

Disks on the support wires of electricity poles © The Rat Gazette - Photo: Arjan Schuitman

Electricity supply is protected with a simple solution against the rats climbing in the electricity poles. Just as the proven method in the harbor to avoid rats climb on board of ships disks are put on the support wires. Rats can't pass the disks.

Rat traps are put in the rat paths and marked with paper © The Rat Gazette - Photo: Arjan Schuitman

In the rice off-season rats can't be forced out of their dens using water. The best method is to put traps in the pathway of the rats. As a safety measure rats use the same path every time. This strategy makes it easy to notice changes (and possible danger) immediately. Therefore the traps are camouflaged with soil and grass. In order to find the traps back small papers are placed in the bushes nearby the traps. On the papers the phone number of the rat hunter is placed so everybody knows who 'owns' the spot.

Dead rat on the road © The Rat Gazette - Photo: Arjan Schuitman

Sometimes a dead rat can be found dead on the road. Some rice farmers still use poison to kill the rats.

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